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How To Play Tegra 2 games on Dedicated GPU Android Devices - LG

How To Play Tegra 2 games on Dedicated GPU Android Devices
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nVIDIA’s dual-core Tegra 2 Platform has brought a wave of exclusive TegraHD-only games and upgraded variations of existing games. This seems to be further fragmenting the Android Market by artificially limiting certain games to the handful of devices such as the Motorola Atrix and other Tegra 2 devices.

GPU’s such as the PowerVR SGX540, as found in the Nexus S, should be able to run the games according to benchmarks. So this leaves us wondering why nVIDIA chose to restrict the potential market of capable devices.

‘How To’ guide after the break.

Some users on the XDA-developer forums seem to have found a way to enable these Tegra 2 games on the Nexus S and possibly other high end Android devices.

Here are the steps you can take if you wish to be able to enjoy these Tegra based games:

“1: Download this file.
After the download is complete, place the file on to your SD card.

2: Go to the Android Market and download an app called: Chainfire 3D

3: Download Root Explorer from the Android Market, and navigate to /system/build.prop.
Then open the build.prop file in any text editor and change the line that says: ro.product.device=crespo to ro.product.device=olympus and save it.

4: Open Chainfire 3D and select the Install option, then reboot.

5: After the reboot, open the Chainfire 3D app, and press: Install Plugin, and select the nVIDIA file we downloaded in Step 1.

6: Then go to Default OpenGL settings, and press: Use Plugin, and select the nVIDIA plugin, and reboot again.

7: Play all the Tegra 2 games you want.

As always be careful and back up your build.prop file in case anything goes wrong.”

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How To Play Tegra 2 games on Dedicated GPU Android Devices - LG