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Free Android Business Calendar

download Free Android Business Calendar
Free Android Calendar, Aplikasi Mencatat Jadwal Android, Business Calendar 2011

download Free Android Business Calendar

download Free Android Business Calendar apk
* Easily switch between timeline bars and titles of events in month view
* The intuitive new option: just move your finger for a few days of interest in view of the month to open in the view of several days
* Summary fast day to add a new event
* Many options for recurring events (for example, to add a recurring event that occurs every two weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays)
* Option to link a contact to an event
* Context sensitive help system to optimize their work with the Business Agenda
* Smooth scrolling and zooming view of several days (1-14 days)
* Graphical and textual
* Month, calendar and day view of events
* Quickly fade in / out calendars with the bookmarks bar
* Search function
* Drag and Drop
* Players configurable in different sizes for the month view, week, day and calendar

What’s in this version:

- Some problems have been solved Exchange
- The resolution of the month view and week view widgets in landscape mode has been improved
- More changes and bug fixes

- You can now adjust the font size of individual components of the application
- The application is in compliance with the requirements shown in the list of the appropriate applications when another application / widget you want to add a new calendar event or send / share information

download Free Android Business Calendar .apk
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Free Android Business Calendar