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Top 7 Android Apps To Manage Your Social Networks

Top 7 Android Apps To Manage Your Social Networks
aplikasi sosial network terbaik untuk android berikut diantaranya

Top 7 Android Apps To Manage Your Social Networks

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There are large number of apps available on internet but here you can see 7 android apps to manage you social life. Whether you want to manage your daily schedule, practical work, or your online activities. Nothing is difficult because of Android in the world. You can manage all your social networks like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo and other small click through Android Apps.

1. Touiteur (Twitter) - Now as plumo for twitter

Twitter It is one of the exact android app to manage your social life network as well as it helps to customize and manage your Twitter account. All most all functions available in the App.

2. Facebook for Android

No doubt it is also one of the cool android app to manage your social networks. It is a popular community website for communication and exchange of information about each others. This program will inform you every second ‘s updates, news sources, and recent changes friends. You can also share news, pictures and videos directly to the Android phone.

3. Last.FM Android

It is also a great invention for the android users. If you are a Last.FM user then this Android App is only for you. It comes cool and attractive interface and all the features available, like online site.

4. Steady

It is also a cool app introduced in the modern age of technology. If you are new social networks, and not many friends you have, do not worry. This Android project will help you out to find people in your city. The program allows you to discover your city and find out the social media users in your city.

5. Palringo

It is also a gift for the android users. This app allows you to collaborate with friends in different locations to chat through instant messaging service. You can communicate with other users, and you never miss a chapter in an instant message. Documents Just chat services are objective, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, Facebook, ICQ, Gtalk, iChat and more.


It is also one of the best android app to manage your social. It is very helpful to manage their blogs with regard to this App is less time.

7. MySpace Mobile

It is also a good android app as well as this program is a good place to keep them connected to their MySpace community. They are able to share various news, pictures, and can update their profile.

best android apps for social network
itulah aplikasi android terbaik untuk menggunakan sosial network atau jejaring sosial.

Top 7 Android Apps To Manage Your Social Networks