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Overclock Android Samsung Galaxy Mini

How to Overclock Android Samsung Galaxy Mini

Overclock Android Samsung Galaxy Mini

at first what is overclock Android ? [see: what is Overclock on Android phone, and how it ?]

1. your Galaxy Mini must have at Root (because why install SetCpunya) and connect the Mini directly and in a state kekomputer Download mode (press the volume down + middle button + power button, same time and wait until the display appears downloading)
2. Download File Overclock here There are 2 files and CODE OPS [at bottom]
3. If you have downloaded, then to extrack to drive agan for example in the D drive (try in its own folder)
4. Then open the Odin Multi Downloader
5. Click the "OPS" and locate the file OPS extract-an earlier ...
6. then click the "PDA" and locate the file, extract the code themselves in an earlier
7. Have been filled both like the picture above ..
8. Let's pray and hope the mini is able to do it ..... Then click the Start
9. Samsung mini will reboot itself ..
10. Wait until the Odin in the top left of the big box out in blue and bearing the PASS ..
11. File Overclock successfully incorporated and unplug the data cable and download the SetCPU .... to adjust its frequency (for those who already have a straight sets frequensinya trus lakuin stress test on the information (sign i) for those who have not yet restarted the sign frequencies suitable / stable .. . CMIIW)

Antutu Bencmark System (This is no extreme app2sd hhaa makek who may be more than that)

apps for overclock android

Overclock Android Samsung Galaxy Mini