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Download Paradise Island .apk for android Games

Games for Android Download Paradise Island .apk
versi terbaru 2.3.0
Download Paradise Island .apk for android Games

Game Paradise Island .apk for android
Paradise Island is a delightful simulation game. Build your own empire!
"Paradise Island .apk" is the game for all lovers of sun and sea!
Tear out the work to build your own island sun!
Is it time to make your own business? Just a little practice! Rich tourists are about to reach its warm beaches! Entertainment in casinos and entertainment centers, construction of hotels, restaurants and clubs! Build your own entertainment empire! Turn your island empire in the complex and learn to manage their own business.

The tasks of the game:
- Build all types of buildings on the island;
- Improve their buildings, repair them and get benefits;
- Upgrade your property by purchasing new pieces of land and water areas;
- Create your island with unique buildings and plants;
- Compete with your friends;
- The creation of tourism business;
- Construction of the city of your dreams and transform your life into a happy story;
- Learn all the tips of the game receive all the awards possible and win the Grand Prize!

Paradise Island .apk Game Features:
- Beautiful and detailed graphics;
- Addictive gameplay and interesting;
- Life on the island continues even when the game is closed;
- A large selection of facilities and buildings, decorations and plants;
- Characteristics of tycoon and simcity;
- More advanced a set of regular farm;
- More than 130 awards and achievements;
- Internet connection is recommended but not necessary;
- Ads Free.

2.1 and up

Download Paradise Island .apk
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Download Paradise Island .apk for android Games