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Tegra Games Android - Pinball HD .apk games

free download Tegra Games Android - Pinball HD
pinball HD for android
Tegra Games Android - Pinball HD

HD Pinball game developed by NVIDIA Tegra Android
The masters of pinball games portable Gameprom, have taken advantage of the NVIDIA? Tegra? processor to create the best version of Pinball high definition on any device! Praised for its gameplay based on mission and attention to detail, Pinball HD has been a bestseller in the IOS platform and won the Design Award 2010 from Apple in the Games. This version adds to the realism with enhanced graphics, realistic physics and play without stuttering.
The game has three unique pinball tables – Wild West, The Deep, and style of the Jungle – each with their own gender and the mission system. Pinball HD will change your concept of Pinball. You will be surprised by the degree of realism. This is a REAL Pinball simulator with stunning 3D graphics, with or without 3D glasses.

Pinball Tegra HD v1.0 FEATURES:
- A wonderful 3D engine with realistic physics, which highlights the capabilities of NVIDIA Tegra device.
- The landscape mode shows a full table. The games can be played in any horizontal direction by pressing left or right of the screen.
- Portrait mode that offers a vision of flying the table with the camera panning and zooming in on the action.
- Tilting the camera brings dimension to games that provide a simulated 3D effect. tilt of the camera only works in landscape mode.
- Choice of stereoscopic images (anaglyph 3D glasses required). You can choose between the lenses of red-cyan, magenta, yellow-green or blue

free download Tegra Games Android - Pinball HD games .apk


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Tegra Games Android - Pinball HD .apk games