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SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk

SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk
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SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk

SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk for smartphones based on the keyboard TouchType SwiftKey to offer customization of clouds, a new prediction engine and a series of further improvements in the user interface.

A world leader in language technology
SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk is based on the new version of advanced inference engine TouchType the language fluently ... more accurate prediction of the world and correction technology.

Cloud-based customization
Personalize your experience of writing the data SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk your Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, as well as the sending of SMS messages. Our new cloud-based personalization makes the experience unprecedented personal writing.

Writing styles to suit you
With SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk, we have refined writing style to match the way you use your phone in order to maximize efficiency and make typing messages a breeze. Choose required if directed by the prediction as SwiftKey to complete words for you. Choose a quick if you prefer to write their words in length, but tend to make typos and mistakes. SwiftKey be ordered up for you.

Staff input models
SwiftKey X (Phone) adapts dynamically to reflect the way you interact with your Tablet PC using advanced machine learning to modify the surface properties of the keyboard. The result is that predictions are based not only in language but also the way you write.

SwiftKey X comes with three exciting, high quality HD themes: light, dark and neon lights.
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See the frequently asked questions, support and a forum for ideas http://support.swiftkey.net/
Default theme in the update is black / green. This can be easily reversed in the configuration.
We take your privacy seriously. This application does not store the password data and all data on your device language learned is never transferred.
The Internet connection permit is required to install this application, so the language files and module customization cloud data can be downloaded.
Use of this application is subject to our privacy policy robust, that is there to protect their rights and privacy. Read in full http://www.swiftkey.net/privacy.

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SwiftKey X (Phone) app for Android apk