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PicsIn Photo Studio Android Apps - Photo Art Studio .apk

download PicsIn Photo Studio Android Apps - Photo Art Studio .apk
aplikasi edit poto untuk android

Photo Art Studio, PicsIn Photo Studio Android Apps

aplikasi PicsIn Photo Studio ini cocok bagi anda yang suka narsis, edit poto di hp android jadi lebih mudah coba aja !

PicsIn Photo Studio Android Applications of photo art studio!
Now you can remove ads or get exclusive quality clip art, frames and more right from within the application.
* Edit photos (before PhotoID)
One of the best photo editors! Tons of effects to photos, pictures, stickers, text effects, graphics, clipart, crop, rotate, adjust color and add artistic effects.
Spice up your photos with this photo editor powerful frameworks using impressive collages and cool!
* Camera - Lets take an image and apply various effects.
* Profile - Share your photos with friends everywhere! Find and keep friends.
* Public gallery!
* Advanced Drawing (formerly AnDrawing) - The best drawing in the market! Tons of effects of drawing, draw the mode label, Cool artistic brushes, and text styles!
Explore your inner artist in you! use photos of your Facebook friends and share their art with the World!
* Social - Quickly share with family and friends by posting pictures on Facebook wall, upload photos to Facebook, Flickr, Picasa and sending photos via SMS and email.
Tablet ready!
* Fun Goo - Fun GOO effect that allows you to stretch, pinch and faces in a crazy turn. Taking photos with this application GOO crazy photo and make your friends look fun and laughter! * Kaleidoscope Fabulous
Take great pictures with this fabulous kaleidoscope, a good way to sit and relax.
Download it today and start playing all these in a fun, intuitive and easy to apply for use.
We love PicsIn. We hope you love it too! Install now and enjoy

download PicsIn Photo Studio Android Apps - Photo Art Studio .apk

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PicsIn Photo Studio Android Apps - Photo Art Studio .apk