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Duel – Blade & Magic - Game RPG ANdroid 2011 .apk

download Game Android Duel – Blade & Magic - Game RPG ANdroid 2011 .apk

Welcome to Duel: Blade & Magic, a RPG fighting game where you battle friends and monsters alike.

Apart from interface enhancements, we added some exciting and cool features in the latest version:

• Unlock more than 30 Pets from Quests to fight alongside you
• Refer friends to get Coins and items!
• Enlarged and enhanced the ranking table

With great features of the original:
-Spectacular animated fighting scenes, see your characters in full screen action against other players and over 30 monsters!
-Choose from two character classes: Warrior and Witch, each has their own unique skills and items!
-Characters has extensive weapon, armor, and skills to choose from. Character appearance will also change accordingly when different items are equipped!
-Duel fighting mode: Fight other players for experience.
-Quest mode: Explore 50 quest missions for coins and items.
-Arena mode: Challenge players for prize money.
-Honor Badges, collect badges to show your friends and enemies your achievements!
-World ranking board, see how your characters are doing comparing to other players world-wide!

how Installing games to your Android phone
Install apps with the .apk extension:
1) Go to settings – applications – enable the ‘unknown sources’ option.
2) Put the .apk files somewhere on your SD card.
3) Open your file manager on the device (like Astro Manager from market).
4) Select a .apk file.
5) If you get the ‘complete action using’ pop-up, choose ‘package installer’.

Download Duel – Blade & Magic - Game RPG ANdroid 2011 .apk
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Duel – Blade & Magic - Game RPG ANdroid 2011 .apk