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Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk aplikasi untuk android

download Volume+ (Sound Boost) v1.7.4 (1.7.4) Android Apk App Free
Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk aplikasi untuk android
update version : 1.7.4
support : android 2.3 gingerbread or above

Volume+ (Sound Boost) android

Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk aplikasi untuk android

Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk is very similar to my Louder Volume Hack application but rendered in code rather than pushing different files across.

Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk is only for Android Gingerbread. Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk  will NOT work on any other version of Android .

* Speaker On/Off toggle
* Speaker Volume Boost
* Speaker EQ pre-sets
* Speaker Bass Enhancer

* Headset On/Off toggle
* Headset Volume Boost
* Headset EQ pre-sets
* Headset Bass Enhancer

<* Please use the Headset Settings with caution. It could SERIOUSLY damage your hearing! (see terms and conditions within the app or the DISCLAIMER below) *>

This application works in a similar way to DSP Manager but with this tool you can push the volume up much higher. It has options to boost the main Speaker Volume and add a Bass Enhancer.

Please use this tool wisely. It can SERIOUSLY damage your speakers if not used carefully. I cannot stress this enough.

What's in this version:
Pre-set volume and custom EQ volume slider can now go from +8 to +15 (be careful!!)
Cosmetic text changes
Turning on Virtual Room effects is much more simple (removed pointless double checkboxes)

download Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk
update version : 1.7.4
support : android 2.3 gingerbread or above
note this version is not free, please buy in android market or direct android app developer, but you can try free trial version
[download] free trial version
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Volume+ (Sound Boost) .apk aplikasi untuk android