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Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk Android app download

Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk Android app download

download Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk
latest update : new version
support Android : All android version, android 2.1 eclair, 2.2 froyo, 2.3 gingerbread, 3 honeycomb or above
Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk Android app download
Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 .apk

3D interactive simulation of the moon. For any date/location, shows phase, crescent angle, rise/set times, and nearest syzygies.

top feature Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk
· Change phase by touchscreen, trackball, or direct date entry
· Calendar shows month's phases at a glance
· Data page gives additional details: distance, azimuth, altitude, transit, and more
· Notifications for major phases
· "Live" wallpaper for ALL Android versions!
· 4 sizes of widget
· SonyEricsson LiveView™ support (Extends:com.sonyericsson.extras.liveview)

What's in this version:
Add rotation of moon via multitouch drag (Android 2.0+)
Add text option to M, L, and XL widgets
Replace title with action bar
Optimize layout for tablets
Add option for dynamic surface shadows (Android 2.2+)
Add support for non-touchscreen devices
Add apogee, perigee, antitransit, and rise/set info to Data pane
Improve widget & legacy wallpaper imagery
Add warning about widget/SD incompatibility
Improve widget icons for Honeycomb
Numerous minor improvements & bug fixes

download Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk
disclaimer: this app is not FREE, please buy in android market or get visit developer's website , or try trial version
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download Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk[download]

Moon Phase Pro 3.0.0 apk Android app download