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Slick messenger apk lonely cat games Android

Slick messenger apk lonely cat games Android

Slick apk messenger apk lonely cat games Android
Downloading Slick for Android
slick apk for Android
File: slick_android_0_69.apk
Size: 723 KB
Upload date: August 22 2011

Slick messenger apk lonely cat games Android

Slick messenger (ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, MSN, Google Talk, Jabber, Facebook chat)
Slick is a messenger application for mobile phones.
It allows you to chat with your friends connected though
various online messaging applications.
It supports ICQ, AIM, Yahoo chat, MSN, Google talk, Jabber and Facebook chat.

How to Install APK files on your Android Phone:
There're several possibilities:
Use QR code scanner as described above, take photo of image code, and click download link.
Then Slick will be installed.
Download APK file to your PC and transfer the file to your Android phone over Bluetooth.
Then expand system bar and click on received Bluetooth file to install it.
Note: you'll need to have Bluetooth adapter on your PC and enabled Bluetooth on Android phone.
Transfer APK file to your Android phone's memory card in USB mode.
Connect phone in USB mode so that memory card appears as drive on PC.
Then copy APK to memory card.
Disconnect Android phone from PC.
Then start File manager on Android phone (may be called "My files"), find the APK file on memory card, and click on it to install it.
Install application AppsInstaller from Android Market on the phone.
This will help you to find all application packages (APK files) on memory card and install the application comfortably.
You'll still need to copy APK file to memory card as described in point 2).
How to run installed application
Once installed, application may be started by clicking its icon.

Downloading Slick fo Android
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