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Phantom Music Control apk v1.58 Android app

Phantom Music Control apk v1.58 app Android
aplikasi android pemutar musik

download Phantom Music Control.apk v1.58

Phantom Music Control apk v1.58 app Android
Phantom Music Control v1.58 .apk
music Player for Android phone

Universal self-hiding music control widget designed for WidgetLocker Lockscreen.
Widely supported music control widget capable of hiding itself while there is no track playing. It is designed to be used with WidgetLocker Lockscreen, however it is possible to use it on your homescreen as well.
Supported players:
- Stock and modded Android Music (2.3+ with Pro)
- Google Music (Pro only)
- HTC Music
- MusicMOD
- PlayerPro
- doubleTwist
- PowerAMP
- UberMusic (Fede's Music App; Pro only)
- BeyondPod (Pro only)
- Experimentally Samsung TouchWiz (Pro only)
- Almost any other player (such as Winamp, Meridian, ³/Cubed, MortPlayer, MIUI, Zimly, Songbird, etc.) in compatibility mode (Pro only)
Features Phantom Music Control v1.58 .apk:
- Auto-hide with various hide/reveal settings
- WidgetLocker events integration
- Possibility to show/remove some elements such as volume control and current track info
- Six graphical (H7C is just like Sense, Metro like WP7, Aero like Windows 7's Media Player) and one chromeless theme (minimalistic text inspired by Clockr and Calendr)
- Battery saving mode with almost zero energy consumption
- Localised to: English, Dutch, French, Turkish, Czech, Spanish, Italian, Russian (some fully, some partially)
- Support for 3rd party apps to utilize Phantom's wide range of controllable players (more info for developers at
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download Phantom Music Control v1.58 .apk

Phantom Music Control apk v1.58 Android app