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Flying Penguin 3.1 apk download best free game Android

Flying Penguin best free game
game untuk hp Android Gratis

download Flying Penguin 3.1 apk
latest update : new version 3.1
support Android : android 2.2 froyo, 2.3 gingerbread, 3 honeycomb or above

Flying Penguin best free game

Flying Penguin.apk
game yang sangat terkenal unuk iphone dan ipad kini hadir juga di hp android anda, tersedia gratis untuk anda download dan mainkan

The Flying Penguin is an game in which you are a penguin who is trying to catch fish for food, while at the same time outrunning a polar bear before you become his food. The game is a level based, angry bird’s type game, where the faster you pass through the level and the more fish you catch the more points you earn.
The on screen controls are touch and gravity based and very easy to learn. The graphics on the game are average; they do however offer an option for enhanced graphics depending on your phones graphics processor.
When you open the app you will see the main menu and you will only be able to select one level in the lite version as the paid version will offer additional levels. The game will start with the penguin on the top of the mountain and you will tap on the screen and hold down to keep the penguin sliding on the mountain.
As the penguin nears a mountain top release your finger from the screen and watch the penguin fly across the screen. Make sure to time the jumps and control when the penguin lands to ensure you catch the most fish possible.
This great success on the iPhone, Flying Penguin (or Racing Penguin) is also on android! fun game!
Slide down the mountains of Antarctica and flap your wings to fly. Go as fast as you can to escape from the polar bear.
if you like tiny wings you will love this cool physics based game.
3 addicting worlds, 24 racing levels, improve your skills to go faster than a car a motorbike or a shooting star. Escape from the funny bear.
get it while its free!

By Top Free Games - Best apps, this fun game is our best game. If you like angry birds, fruit Ninja, cut the rope, racing and tiny wings you will love this one.
Best free game for all ages (also kids boys and girls will have fun)

download Flying Penguin 3.1 .apk
disclaimer: this app is FREE, more in android market or get visit developer's website
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tags : aplikasi android, game, support android phone: samsung galaxi, ace, mini, s2, sony ericsson xperia, x10, x8 and all android phone
download Flying Penguin 3.1 apk [download]

Flying Penguin 3.1 apk download best free game Android