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Google Voice apk for Android

Google Voice for Android
Google Voice apk for Android

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Google Voice apk for Android

Google Voice for Android now just got more powerful facilities. Google launched an upgrade to Google's Android-based Voice applications on Tuesday, and the new version there are minor changes. For the first time, allows you to receive text and voice messages directly when they arrived, with notification of a push-like.
Google Voice To Android: real-time
Google Voice for Android is a mobile application service first to feature real-time functions, se

Previously, the program will check for new messages only once every 15 minutes. (You can get around this with a trick-mail forwarding creative, but it's far from perfect solution.)
Now, though, problem solved. Diperbarunya Google App for Android voice has introduced a feature called "inbox synchronization." Once enabled, each incoming message will be displayed in a few seconds of their arrival. And based on initial tests, it worked perfectly.
If you are not a google voice for Android, maybe it's time to make the leap.
Getting a New Voice Voice to Create a Google Android
There are several steps you need to take to get a new real-time services on your Android phone. This is all assuming you already have an account with Google Voice for android, by the way, if you do not, you will need to go to the official Google Voice page and ask for invites before you can proceed.
First, head to the Android Market and download an update Google Voice for android. Once installed, open the application and look at the menu "Settings", found by tapping your phone's Menu button and select "Settings" option.
From there, press the "Refresh and notice," then check "Synchronize Inbox." That's it: You are now set all, and into Google's Voice messages will appear immediately when they are in. Make sure you notice - which is located in the same menu - are configured with correctly so you will get the kind of tells you like it (ringtones, vibration, blinking lights, etc.).

Google Voice apk for Android: Synchronizing Inbox
Two quick tips: If you get an error the first time you try to enable "Synchronize inbox" option, exit the app completely by pressing your phone's Back key until you return to your home screen. Open the Google Voice applications for android again. And if you have a Google account to android Voice set to send SMS notifications of new messages, will realize that enable the new synchronization options will automatically be dead. If you want to go back, simply log on to Google's main Web site Voice and reactivate it from there.
Google Android app updated Voice carry one another significant change: He added that contact information is integrated into the Google Voice inbox. That means you can access the option to e-mail or IM contacts anything just by tapping on their photograph while on the Google Voice inbox.

Google Voice for Android: Contact
I would recommend using google voice features for the android to reach out to all your iPhone-toting friends.
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Hence, activate your voice for google android mobile android in you.
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download Google Voice apk for Android
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Google Voice apk for Android