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best android alarm clock - pro free download .apk

"best android alarm clock" - download .apk
alarm android - aplikasi alarm untuk android
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alarm buat android. fitur-fitur nya bisa dicek dibawah :
Alarm Settings

best android alarm clock feature:
* program individual alarms
* assign an alarm profile describing how the alarm will play
* you can set an alarm to play every week on given weekdays or on a specific date only
* if you can not afford to sleep through an alarm, you can mark it as a “safe alarm” to play an additional ringtone at full volume after the regular alarm sound (e.g. an mp3 file) has finished
Type of Alarm Sound
* choose from ringtones, mp3 files, and playlists
* playlists allow you to wake up to a randomly selected song from the list
* can create playlists on the fly for selected artist or genre

download best android alarm clock .apk
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download best android alarm clock .apk

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best android alarm clock - pro free download .apk