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Facebook for Android gets Friend Tagging

Facebook for Android gets Friend Tagging
Popular social network Facebook has updated its app for Android smartphones and now it will let you tag your friends in your posts for news feeds. Also, you can search for your friends on Facebook database. There are a number of bug fixes that have been added to the application.

New Facebook for Android v1.5.3 will let you add your friend's Facebook name by the same way one tags them on Facebook web version. All you have to do is use the @ symbol and start typing the friend's name in the status updates. It's quite odd to see Facebook adding such nifty features on a one at a time basis. Check out the other changes that come with new Facebook for Android app.

- Added the ability to tag friends in status updates
- Added Find Friends feature
- Added the ability to add phone number to your profile
- Number of bug fixes

Several other features are still missing for the Facebook for Android app like Pokes, Tags on photos, Like button for comments and more.

You can download this update directly from the Android Market on your phone or alternatively, you can visit http://market.android.com to choose the update. The Facebook app requires Android 1.5 or higher update running smartphone.
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Facebook for Android gets Friend Tagging