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3G Auto OnOff - saving your battery

3G Auto OnOff - save your battery

Applying Auto OnOff 3G may be that you need to take more than a day without a recharge your smartphone!
Contrary to what its name might suggest, this application does not strictly speaking the 3G phone, but the access point (APN) for the device to connect (sync, push email ...).
Once the camera off, the phone only works in fashion .... phone! He can not send data that consume much energy. This also prevents the switching between 3G +, 3G, EDGE and GPRS to fire on the battery.

3G OnOff Auto saves you tedious in setting the parameters and automates the function with three widgets:
the 1X1 can cut manually AFN.
the 1X3 also allows users to turn off the camera every screen lock and turn it on each release.
1X5 adds the restoration of the parameters and help.

A very useful application that provides real gain autonomy without repetitive manipulation.

3G Auto OnOff - saving your battery