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extreme racing games for android

download free extreme racing games for android
extreme racing games for android

The Futuristic racing game called “Extreme Formula” has been evaluated with four stars of a good reputation at Apple AppStore.

Now You can enjoy it by Android Market. It is free during this time of the event.

We promise to keep our game updating for our user’s satisfaction.

**Game Feature**

-Various game modes: Pro-Race, Career, Quick Race

-18 Achievements, 15 career stage

-65 tuning items, 10 tracks, and 5 vehicles.

-Tech Tree system to make a better vehicle with updating many skills

++++ What’s Newly Updated ++++

-Multi-language support : Choosing one’s own language by the option menu; English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese.

-Adjustment of Ai condition: Advancement of Ai (Career mode , ProRace mode)

Continuing on features:
* Requires 50 MB of free space

* from Android 2.0.1 (Flash)

* Three different game modes: Pro-Race, Career and Quick Race.

* 18 objectives to be accomplished in 15 games.

* 65 points of adjustment, 10 tracks and 5 cars.

* Improve your cars to make them better.
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download aplikasi android

extreme racing games for android