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Beautiful Widgets v3.6 for android

free download Beautiful Widgets v3.6 for android
suppor android phone: sony ericsson xperia, samsung galaxy
set of Widgets containing two skinned clocks + weather widget with forecast and nice weather animations (rain, storm, etc). Nice toggle widgets for Wifi, BT, etc. Multiple layouts and 140+ skins! See why it is the best Android widgets and the only choice for thousands of users!

Beautiful Widgets v3.6 for android
Beautiful Widgets are well… just beautiful! The set of Android home screen widgets resemble the impressive UI of the HTC Sense available on the HTC Hero phone. The set includes a larger 4×2 and 4×1 smaller clock and weather widget with options to set your location. Tap the weather icon to open a cool animation of your current weather conditions. Weather gives a four day forecast, the days high/ low and current temperature. Set 12/24 hour format and Fahrenheit/Celsius temperature. There are several 1×1 quick settings toggle widgets for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Silent, Vibrate, Brightness and Airplane modes
Beautiful Widgets v3.6 for android
Beautiful Widgets v3.6
- Nice looking clock with 12/24 hours support
- Multiple layouts and skins support
- Weather with realistic icons
- Celcius and fahrenheit temperature
- Automatic language detection
- Geolocation for the weather city, or the ability to enter the city name
- Automatic sunset/sunrise calculation
- High res graphics for WVGA Devices (such as the Motorola Droid or Nexus One)
- 1×1 beautiful Wifi/Bluetooth/Plane mode/Silent/Vibrate widgets to easily enable or disable them
- 1×1 GPS widget that act as shortcut to enable or disable location in the settings.
What’s in this version:
3.6 – 15th June 2011
- Added Weather alerts for users in the USA and with Accuweather
- Added forecast for rain, snow and thunderstorm chances using Accuweather
- Plane mode toggle widgets fixed
- Text cut in Super Clock 4×1 layout 2 corrected for little devices like HTC tattoo
- 4×1 Super Clock layouts optimized
- Added log.txt in skins of Super Clock to help designer correct their problems
- Changed data toggle widgets to write apndroid in the apn instead of [disabled]
- Fix a bug where weather was not refreshed when switching from manual location to geolocation using accuweather
- The launcher menu will check if you have a home or super clock widgets installed before offering the possibility to change the skin, so people are not confused when trying to apply a home skin over a super clock widget and vice versa
- Fix the RefreshOnWake not refreshing due to applications removing data connexion on phone sleep. Phone will do a retry when the data connexion will change in a 2 minutes window.
- Fix apply hint town when no town provided instead of forcing mountain view

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Beautiful Widgets v3.6 for android