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Download Chameleon Launcher Apk

Download Chameleon Launcher Apk

download Chameleon Launcher apk - aplikasi themes android terbaik dan terbaru

anda bosan dengan tampilan launcher yang itu - itu saja. kini hadir Chameleon Launcher. ya aplikasi android launcher yg begitu revolusioner mengubah cara kita mengkostumisasi layar dan latar android men jadi lebih atraktif.
dengan aplikasi ini kita dapat mengubah tampilan layar home sesuai dengan keinginan kita dan membuatnya terlihat berbeda dengan yang lain.
tampilan lebi revolusioner tersedia dalam versi Chameleon Launcher for tablet .Apk

tema android terbaik ini sangat cocok untuk android keas atas juga untuk tablet android, pada versi sebenarnya ini tidaklah Gratis, namun diakhir artikel kita sedia link download gratis.

Chameleon Launcher 2.0.2 Apk - best launcher for android
latest update : new version 2.0.2
support Android : android tablet 3 honeycomb, android 4 ice cream sandwich, android 4.1 Jelly Bean or above
Download Chameleon Launcher Apk

Download Chameleon Launcher Apk

chameleon launcher apk full version free best android theme

Home Screens that Change With You
Your information needs may change throughout your day, so Chameleon includes an innovative context system. You can create context rules based on GPS locations, WiFi networks and time ranges, allowing you to define which Home Screen is the most relevant for any situation.

App Tray & Launcher
Chameleon doesn’t just let you customize your Home Screens with the widgets you want. It also lets you customize your own mini App Tray. Giving you the apps you want up front, without having to swim through a large grid of apps.

Super Easy To Customize
Quickly set up Home Screens, Widgets, App Trays, and Wallpapers all with a few gestures.

Chameleon. Always relevant. Immediately valuable.

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Please support the developers if you like their app.
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Download Free Chameleon Launcher Apk
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