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Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk, aplikasi Android Agenda

Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk, aplikasi Android Agenda
aplikasi Android Agenda

download Lockscreen Agenda Pro v1.4.4 .apk free android apps
latest update : new version 1.4.4
support Android : android 2.0/2.1 eclair, android 2.2 froyo, android 2.3 gingerbread, android tablet 3 honeycomb or above

Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk

Lockscreen Agenda Pro 1.4.4 apk
aplikasi Android Agenda - Masukan agenda kalender Anda pada lockscreen Anda!
Agenda lockscreen elegan menampilkan agenda kalender Anda pada lockscreen Anda, memberikan pandangan sekilas-acara mendatang.
asisten pribadi di hp android Anda
fitur Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk:
- Gulir melalui acara-acara
- Geser jam untuk membuka
- Prakiraan cuaca
- Sepenuhnya disesuaikan skema warna (dengan transparansi)
- Bekerja dengan Wallpaper Live (atau memotong gambar Anda sendiri)
- Tampilkan warna kalender berikutnya ke acara
- Sorot peristiwa yang terjadi sekarang
- Pilih berapa hari dan yang untuk menampilkan kalender
- Mendukung 12 dan 24 jam waktu
- Mendukung keamanan pola kunci
- Banyak pilihan lain
sayang aplikasi Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk, tapi anda masih bisa mencobanya lewat trial version.

Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk
Put your calendar agenda on your lockscreen!
Lockscreen Agenda elegantly displays your calendar agenda right on your lockscreen, providing an at-a-glance view of upcoming events.
- Scroll through events
- Slide the clock to unlock
- Weather forecast
- Fully customizable color scheme (with transparency)
- Works with Live Wallpapers (or crop your own image)
- Show the calendar color next to event
- Highlight events that are happening now
- Choose how many days and which calendars to display
- Supports 12 and 24 hour time
- Supports pattern lock security
- Many other options
If you have to unlock twice:
- Make sure you have no other apps interfering with the lockscreen. Sometimes these other apps may appear to be disabled but are actually still running in the background (shame on them). If that is the case, try uninstalling the other app and rebooting.
- Unfortunately, not all devices support lockscreen replacement. If you have this issue, please email me.
I have no way of replying directly to the comments here, so if you experience a bug, please use the "Report A Bug" feature in the app.
I make every effort to read all comments and reply to all emails. If you email me and do not hear back within 12 hours please make sure that you have the correct email address and/or try again.
Wallpapers from "Wallpaper Box HD" (http://goo.gl/XlnGA)
Keywords: lock screen calendar, lock screen agenda, keyguard replacement

download Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk
disclaimer: this app is not FREE, please buy in android market or visit developer's website, or try not Pro version.
Please support the developers if you like their app.
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Lockscreen Agenda Pro apk, aplikasi Android Agenda